Why Is Everyone Talking About Digital Marketing?

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Marketing is certainly not a piece of cake for businesses today. Gone are the days when a printed ad on a daily or a musical, colorful television advertisement acted as primary means of drawing consumers’ attention. Nowadays, brands have to go beyond these traditional channels because consumers look at a multitude of factors while making purchase decisions.

Enter digital marketing

It’s not new to see brands and organizations discussing digital marketing at every meeting. In 2017, about 72 percent marketers believe that digital marketing is needed to supplement their traditional marketing efforts. Ever since the world has undergone a digital transformation, digital marketing has become the next big thing in the marketing world.

Why shouldn’t it be? After all, almost everyone today is going online to purchase goods or use a service, no matter how small or big it is. The advent of smartphones and social media has also given a big boost to the concept of digital marketing. As people today log on to their Facebook or Twitter account to know about a trend or learn about a product, marketers can’t afford to ignore these channels.

Digital Marketing is big today

The most important factor differentiating digital from traditional marketing is the former’s ability to provide two-way communication between brands and consumers. This is what is making digital marketing a go-to solution for businesses today. But that’s not all why digital marketing is gaining so much popularity. Here are other reasons why it’s big today:

Ample growth options

Digital marketing is all about interactions. It helps businesses to connect not only with end consumers of products but also with other businesses. The digital space gives businesses the option to choose the marketing method as per their budget and reach a large market. The large number of growth opportunities is certainly an alluring aspect of digital marketing.

Higher conversion rate

Social media marketing, email marketing and SEO are digital marketing forms that provide real-time, measurable data. These forms of marketing are capable of driving traffic to websites and covert visitors into actual customers. Owing to the relevancy and engagement of content, the digital space tends to convert more leads into customers than traditional marketing forms.

Instant feedback

Customer satisfaction is something brands cannot ignore. The digital space lets brands communicate directly with their customers and provide solutions to their problems. The ability to get instant feedback makes digital marketing very favorable for customer support companies. The growing importance of customer satisfaction is thus another factor driving the popularity of digital marketing.

Cost effectiveness

One noteworthy benefit of digital marketing is its cost-effectiveness compared to traditional forms of marketing. It allows marketers to reach a wider audience at a lesser cost, as compared to a radio or television ad. It helps brands to run campaigns within a specified budget and get more returns from their investment.

Digital marketing is, thus, a revolution in a highly competitive marketing world. Owing to its’ profit-generating capability, cost-effectiveness, and measurability, digital marketing has already become an integral component of brands’ marketing strategies, supplementing all other channels of communication.

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