Five Outrageous Ideas For Your Direct Response Marketing

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Marketers Need Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing can be a tough nut to crack. It involves a lot of risksfor marketers because what works for one type of a consumer may not work for another. This is the reason why direct response marketers are always testing their campaigns, offers, content and media.

No matter what, direct response marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate leads and increase business revenue. It helps marketers to measure consumers’ responses, determine the performance of their campaign, and take necessary corrective actions. As such, it won’t be wrong to say that marketers need to incorporate direct response marketing, both online and on-ground, in their marketing strategies.

But if you are wondering how to ace the direct response marketing game, here are five outrageous ideas you can try:

Highlight The Benefits Of Your Offering

Experts in the field of direct response marketing suggest that you should focus on highlighting the benefits rather than the features of your offering. Benefits seem to out-pull features in a number of direct response marketing campaigns. The ad should show what kind of problems your offering intends to solve and how it has done them. This is a proven technique propagated by a number of marketing gurus in the present times.

Make A “Yes Or No” Offer

It is also seen from a number of campaigns that a “yes or no” offer out-pulls more prospects than an offer without any option. A “yes or no” offer elicits either positive or negative response from prospects, and creates an urgency for them to respond right away. You can use this kind of an offer by putting a “yes” or “no” stamp or check boxes below your offer. It is also seen that a negative-option offer does better than a positive-option offer.

Justify Reasons In Your Copy

One of the most powerful ways of influencing human behavior is by telling people the reason behind your actions. The word “because” is seen to activate an automatic compliance response, which inspires them to take a particular action, such as subscribing to your email list or clicking on your website. The copy of your ad should, therefore, tell people why you are doing something.

Communicate What You Want Your Prospects To Do

It’s also important to tell your prospects what you want them to do. Your ad should guide them to the next step and also tell them what to expect by doing so. For example, you can say, “Follow these easy steps to unlock a range of benefits” or “Click here to know more, etc. This provides a helping hand to your prospects and gives them the confidence to move forward.

Always Put A Time Limit

Last but certainly not the least, you need to put a time limit on your offer in order to get better responses. An offer without a time limit does not create the urgency for your prospects to take actions. Since of the main objective of direct response marketing is to get immediate feedback, a time-bound offer will likely to pull in more prospects who would be interested in your offer.

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