5 Out Of Home Marketing Tips You Need To Learn Now

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Before you plunge into the widely-believed-to-be-profitable domain of out-of-home marketing, you should know that consumers don’t look at banners and billboards the same way they used to before. Our advertising fathers reaped whopping sales by placing a billboard of their offering in a busy traffic area. But now, things have changed. Instead of looking up, our consumers prefer to look down into their smartphones, tablets and other hand-held devices.

So let’s be honest: out-of-home marketing can be a challenging affair. Although it provides a number of benefits like better reach, cost-effectiveness, and higher sales, it’s not easy to nail this game. But don’t worry, you can follow the tips below to succeed in out-of-home marketing:

Keep Your Copy As Short As Possible

First and foremost, your copy has to be understandable. The rule of thumb is six words or less. But you can still extend this limit, depending on readability and message length. It’s a hard job to keep the copy concise. But that’s the only way you can get your message across. Drivers or pedestrians don’t have the time to read something more than this. So you should keep your advertising copy as short and precise as possible.

Always Keep It Simple

Yes you should be able to grab more eyeballs, but not in a way that makes people wonder what exactly are they looking at. The use of complex visuals or extremely bright colors can simply ruin your out-of-home advertising campaign. You should keep the visual aspect of your billboard as simple as possible so that viewers don’t see it as a distraction. Avoid using obnoxious colors that can ruin your brand’s image terribly.

Give Just One Point Of Contact

An ad without any contact information would be useless because customers won’t be able to reach the company. At the same time, providing them with too many points of contacts can confuse them completely. You should give your phone number and your website as a point of contact. This will make it a lot easier for your consumers to contact you. But make sure you make the font of the details prominent for drivers and pedestrians so that they can read it without much effort.

Let Your Creativity Flow

The more creative you get with your ad, the more eyeballs its likely to grab. People always look for something different. Then why not use this opportunity to show them something new? You can create 3D billboards or the ones with animations and moving parts in them. Such ads are more interactive and engaging. Although you might have to spend a little more on such ads, the number of impressions you get will surely compensate for it.

Be Very Smart With Whatever You Use

Yes, because a small mistake can ruin everything that you have worked for. You need to keep your brand’s image in mind while using out-of-home marketing. Whether it’s the image or colors or copy, you need to create everything smartly and align them with your brand’s values and image. This is one thing no marketer should ignore while using outdoor advertising.

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