Five Factors That Affect Experiential Marketing Longevity

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Experiential marketing is actually fun: it brings marketers and consumers together on one platform where the latter is given an opportunity to experience the brand in its true sense. From billion-dollar Fortune 500 companies to fledgling start-ups, brands across all domains have started recognizing experiential marketing as a major influencer of buying decisions. Promotional events, trade shows, and other on-ground activations help create memories of the brand that resonate through the psyche of consumers for a long time, thus driving consumer loyalty and forming positive brand associations.

At the same time, the experiential marketing game isn’t so easy to master. If you are a brand owner who’s getting into the waters of experiential marketing, perhaps it’s time you know the following factors in order to survive in a competitive marketing world:


Given the short attention span of consumers, creative events tend to be more successful in creating a memorable impression on people. You should get your consumers excited about your event and give them enough reason why they should attend it– of course in your own quirky, interesting way. Your campaign should intrigue consumers and push them to attend the experiential event. There’s nothing wrong in going beyond the conventional for doing so.


While the marketer has to come up with out-of-the-box ideas, they also have to make sure their ideas are innovative. You should think of innovative ways to execute the idea so that people remember your brand. Experiential marketing campaigns will only succeed if they are able to grab people’s attention and encourage them to interact with the brand. Marketers should, therefore, focus on making executions more innovative by leveraging new channels and increasing their interactiveness.


Your brand is likely to benefit immensely if a high-profile personality associates himself or herself with it. Not only will it increase your event’s visitors but also ensure that your brand gets relevant consumers. But you have to make the right choice of influencers because they are the ones who your consumers will look up to. An event will only be successful if your influencer is popular enough and has traits that reflect the essence of your brand.


An authentic brand succeeds in getting all the respect and appreciation as an authentic person. Consumers will prefer your brand over your competitive only if you come across as a trustworthy and real. Your event will only have visitors if your promotions are genuine and your offer is actually relevant to people. Your visitors should feel that you are catering to their needs instead of robbing them off of their hard-earned money.

Implementation strategy

Last but certainly not the least, an experiential marketing campaign will only last long if it is implemented properly. You should ensure that every aspect of the event is executed according to plans. You should also leverage the power of social media for creating a buzz around the event and keep user up-to-date with the latest happenings. Unless an implementation strategy is engaging enough, experiential marketing campaigns will not be able to survive the cut-throat competition.


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