Here Are Reasons Why We Love Experiential Marketing

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With so many players competing to increase their market share, how does an individual brand stand out? It sounds like a tricky question but the answer, as always, boils down to having the right marketing strategy in place. At the core of a brand’s success lies customer engagement, which increases brand awareness and brand loyalty. But how to engage customers? By giving them an experience that imprints the brand’s image on their minds forever. While there are different ways to do so, experiential marketing seems to lead the way in creating meaningful brand experiences.

There are plenty of reasons why we brand marketers should allocate some portion of their budget to experiential marketing. It is something we should love doing because:

It helps us connect with our consumers

While traditional marketing gave us a chance to connect with consumers only virtually, an event can actually bring us together on one platform. It’s rare for busy brand marketers to get time to have a face-to-face, two-way conversation with their consumers. An experiential marketing campaign does this job for us. It gives us a chance to know our consumers better by observing their reactions during the event. Not only does it help us know what our consumers like or dislike but also see what our drawbacks are.

It immerses consumers

The main objective of experiential marketing is to provide consumers a memorable brand experience. Experiential marketing activations like events and concerts are liked by a number of people, who wouldn’t mind being a part of the campaign. As such, brand marketers get a chance to give first-hand knowledge of their product or service to consumers and immerse their senses in the entire experience. It gives consumers a better idea of who they are, what they do, and how they do it.

It helps us create some noise

We marketers are constantly thinking of ways to cut through the advertising clutter. It’s perhaps the most challenging part of our job. But experiential marketing campaigns gives us the opportunity to be unique and creative, which helps us stand out from the rest. An event, for example, help brand marketers create a buzz around the product or service and attract a suitable target audience to it. It just lets us be a little different, which is why we love it so much!

It allows product sampling

Who likes to give away things for free, but we brand marketers have to provide product sampling opportunities to our consumers. This is the only way they can make a purchase decision. An experiential campaign lets us do so. The smiling faces of happy customers who tried our product is certainly a matter of great joy for marketers. The positive reviews we get from consumers gives us a sense of satisfaction that our efforts paid off. Not only does it trigger positive word-of-mouth but also gives us an edge over our competitors.

Experiential marketing is fun if marketers know how to implement the right strategy. It’s a surefire way of boosting engagement, generating leads, and pushing up revenue figures.

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