Five Useful Out Of Home Marketing Tips You Should Know

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No, out-of-home marketing is not dead. In fact, brands continue to supplement their television, radio and print advertising campaigns with out-of-home banners, billboards, point of purchase displays, street furniture ads and transit advertising. But the recent digital transformation has certainly changed the face of out-of-home marketing campaigns, making them highly efficient, transparent, measurable, and impactful.

Although traditional marketing principles continue to hold strong even today, brands have to up their game in order to get the best out of their out-of-home marketing campaigns. Designing a colorful and informative billboard and putting it up in a high-traffic area is good in its own place. But succeeding in the game of out-of-home marketing is a challenge for brands, especially with so many players competing for consumers’ attention.

Don’t worry if you are struggling to make your OOH campaigns more effective. Here are a few tips that can help you get the best out of your efforts:

Craft crisp and effective messages

The copy of your out-of-home advertisement is perhaps the most important element to focus on. Given the short attention span of people, long ad copies can simply kill their interest. Your copy should be crisp enough for people to be able to read it at one go. You should try communicating your message using minimum number of words. Creating a concise copy with six or less words can actually create the right impact on people.

Keep the design as simple as possible

 While it’s a common practice to clutter billboards and banners with too much information, simplicity in design actually creates the real magic. Out-of-home marketing, whether traditional or digital, should be direct to the point, and focus on a single convincing idea. A perfect out-of-home ad contains a properly-chosen image or graphic, a brief copy highlighting the brand’s USP and the company’s name, logo and contact details.

Make a strategic choice of locations

The choice of location is extremely crucial for succeeding in out-of-home marketing. Brands nowadays pump in whopping sums of money into advertising media in order to increase reach of their advertising campaign. You, as a brand owner, need to ensure that your advertisement is put up in a space where it’s likely to grab the maximum eyeballs. Doing so will help you maximize your returns from the investment you make in OOH marketing.

Leverage social media

The effectiveness of a single banner ad can be increased ten times when it is run on social media. Digital advertising panels are highly beneficial for brands because they establish real-time connections between marketers and social media feeds. Leveraging social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will not only increase visibility of a brand by increasing reach but also provide necessary data to measure campaign performance.

Always know your competitors

Last but certainly not the least, you have to keep pace with your competitors. While it’s always recommended that you stay original, you cannot completely ignore your competitors’ strategies. You cannot put up an ad that contradicts your brand’s core values and ridicules your competitor. Rather you should draw inspiration from your competitors and do something which is closely in line with their strategies.

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