5 Ways to Build In-Store Experiences That Your Customers Would Love

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Are you the owner of a retail store? Perhaps you know how challenging it is to get customers drawn to it. The first hurdle that you have to overcome is the low attention span of customers. Unless you are offering something unique, it’s unlikely that they would be interested in visiting your store. You can, however, use the power of different advertising formats, such as outdoor advertising, location-based services and of course, social media to promote your store in a positive light.

But the challenge doesn’t end here. Even if you succeed in getting your customers visit your store, how do you make them come back again? This is where customer retention strategies come to play, and the only way to retain customers is by creating in-store experiences that they would remember forever. Here are a few ways of doing so:

Integrating offline with digital experiences

You should know that customers are no longer confined to only offline these days. Their purchase journey takes an omnichannel path, where brands are required to create multiple touch points and merge customers’ online and offline experiences. Research on their buying behavior and identify different channels they use for shopping. Use data to integrate mobile, web, inventory management, point-of-sale and customer support systems to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Provide some entertainment

 You can give your customers some “retailtainment” so that they have a fun-filled and unique shopping experience. For example, you can call an industry professional or celebrity to deliver a short performance or speech and have a candid interaction with your customers. Do something that will not only increase foot traffic to your store but also give you positive press coverage. You can even use VR to create immersive entertainment experiences in your store. This will engage your customers and make them want to visit your store again.

Engage all their senses

 Nobody would want to enter a store that has a pile of garbage in one corner and products sloppily put on shelves. Your customers will expect you to be a little organized and clean. In order to create a pleasant in-store experience for your customers, you have to engage all their senses. Consider spray a room freshener to make your store smell fresh. Play soft music in the background and make your store visually appealing. Categorize all your products and keep them in different shelves so that your customers find it easier to find what they want. This will surely enhance their experience.

Commit to customer services

 Last but certainly not the least, you need to provide excellent customer services to your customers if you wish to make them fall in love with you. Train your sales persons on how to present themselves and talk to consumers. Consider loyalty and rewards programs in order to make your customers feel valued. Make sure you are able to address any queries related to your products and provide prompt post-sale services to your customers. Providing personalized and useful customer service is a surefire way of enhancing a customer’s in-store experience.

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