The Truth About Increasing In-store Customer Visitation Length

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If you are a retail store owner, you may be aware of the different challenges involved in keeping the store running. The first challenge that retail store owners have to overcome is grabbing consumers’ attention. You have to make a unique offer that gives your customers a reason to visit your store, and not your competitor’s store. But is getting more foot traffic to your store enough for your survival? The answer is a big no.

Your customers also have to make purchases after visiting your store, not once but repeatedly, so that you thrive in the long-run. But before that, you need to focus on something called the dwell time, which the time your customers spend in your store. As a retail store owner, you have to build customer experiences that make your customers want to spend more time in your store. In order to do so, you have to face a few truths, which are as follows:

Customer visitation length depends on sensory involvement

 Your customers are likely to spend more time in your store if you are able to engage all their senses. Your store should have a visually-appealing design, organized layout, soft background music, aromatic scents and perhaps some snacks to immerse your customers completely. These aspects have a significant effect on your customers’ mood and make them want to stay longer in your store.

Digital technologies are driving customers’ dwell time

 Ever since digital technologies came into the picture, retail stores have found ample opportunities to create memorable in-store experiences. Technologies like VR, AR and artificial intelligence are becoming big in today’s retail world. These have made it possible to create immersive and engaging in-store experiences for customers. You can use devices and gadgets backed by these technologies to showcase products, conduct games and other formats of customer engagement to increase their dwell time.

Training sales associates increase conversions

 A grumpy and unfriendly sales person can simply break your store’s reputation. Their behavior and attitude could be one of the major reasons why customers leave the store and never come back. As such, you have to ensure that you train your sales associates on how they should interact with customers. You should teach them people skills, inter-personal skills and customer-service skills so that they are able to deliver a satisfactory and fulfilling shopping experience to your customers and contribute more towards your store’s conversion.

Your store’s layout increases or decreases dwell time

 It’s obvious that no customer would want to be in a store where products are lying here and there and covered under dust. If you want your customers to spend more time in your store, you need to pay attention to your store’s appeal. Organize your products and place them prominently on shelves so that your customers can shop with any hassle. You should also consider using your brand’s colors to paint your store’s interiors because it increases your brand’s memorability. As such, you need to plan a shoppers-friendly store layout so as to provide your customers the ease they desire and increase their dwell time.

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