5 Ways to Experiment With Your In-Store Experience

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In-store experience is an important factor in driving any business. In today’s world, the customer, and only the customer is the priority. Everything else comes second.

The boom of technology and digital marketing has empowered online retailing and e-commerce platforms are increasingly replacing brick-and-mortar stores. Incidentally, this means that business thriving on brick-and-mortar stores need to up their marketing game to level with online retailers.

Online retailing is largely based on customer metrics due to which it provides a hassle free shopping experience for the customer. As we said earlier, the customer comes first and for a brick-and-mortar store to thrive, their in-store customer experience should be all encompassing and should be able to surpass that of any online store.

Here are 5 ways you can experiment with your in-store experience.

Customer service

 I said it before and I say it again, customer service is key in keeping your head above the water. When it comes to in-store purchases, you need to make sure that the needs of your customer is well looked after. This means having properly trained and educated staff, loyalty rewards for the customer, attractive promotional offers, discounts, and coupons. The customer should have a pleasant experience while shopping. This increases the chances of customers returning to your store.

Allow the customer to engage the senses

 One of the greatest disadvantages of online retail is that customers do not get to see how a product looks, feels, or tastes before purchasing it. Sure enough there are excellent photographs and videos, but there is nothing like engaging all five senses when purchasing a product. This is where your brick-and-mortar store has an edge.

Create an engaging experience for your customers. Enable them to engage their senses while shopping. Allow them to see how the products stocked upon your shelves can change their lives.


 There is no one approach to providing the right kind of vibe at your store. These days, retailers are combining shopping with some form of entertainment to kick up the shopping experience by a few notches. It is called retail-tainment. You do not need to necessarily invest in blow out experiences. Make it simple and appealing. Some pleasant background music, product demos, maybe promote a struggling local band in return for some good music, workshops, and so on. In fact anything that keeps your customers happy and gets them to come back again and again.

Go from boring to interesting

 Brick-and-mortar stores become monotonous at some point of time. The key to overcoming this is to re-imagine your shopping space. Add a couple of interesting elements to make shopping a much more interesting experience for your customers. Understand what your customer would like when shopping. For instance, some shoppers like to sip on coffee while they are shopping. This means that having a small coffee counter would be a great idea. Certain book stores design a reading area for their customers complete with snacks and beverages. Customers can actually curl up on bean bags and couches and spend some time reading or solving puzzles. It is an interesting approach to the in-store experience.

Connect with customers on a deeper level

 For the most part, shopping is almost therapeutic. Though it sounds like a joke, there is actually something called retail therapy. An online store cannot influence the customer to think with their hearts. Instead of going for the traditional we have this if you want to purchase it sales approach, try out something more personal. Train your staff to tune with the psyche of your customers. Make them feel that they are important and that the product they are looking at is something that needs to be a part of them. Encourage them to shop with their heart rather than their head. Believe me this might sound irrational, but if you think about it, on some level we are all emotional beings and there is nothing like shopping for the soul.

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